With iron/steel becoming a more prevalent building material in vertical construction as well as bridge construction, Iron Workers Local 46 was chartered in Springfield, IL, on December 28, 1908. As demand for skilled Iron Workers in central Illinois increased in the mid 1900's, Local 46, in conjunction with the local Contractors Association, formed the Local 46 JATC ( Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee) and began it's Apprenticeship Training Program in November of 1957.

This was to insure that new members entering the trade received the necessary training, on and off the job, to become a skilled Iron Worker and meet the needs of the Contractors. In this ever changing industry, the Apprenticeship Training Program along with Journeyman upgrading has proved to be vital to the Iron Working Industry. The Apprenticeship not only builds the skills needed, but also embraces and incorporates the safety training necessary for today's Construction Safety Standards.